Method to Re-Assign Move Buttons?

I was wondering if there was a way to re-assign or re-orient the move buttons. Currently the top and bottom keys move the laser along the long axis of my xTool D1 Pro (with extensions) and the left/right move them laterally. Can I reverse that? Depending where I’m sitting in relation to the laser, it would be really helpful.

There are methods of reorienting a laser. However, xTool lasers do not allow for modifying GRBL configuration settings to make this work. You could attempt a hardware only modification to do this but you’ll likely run into practical problems with the inability to modify acceleration values since X and Y would then be reversed.

One thing you could try is to Edit Hotkeys for the jog controls so that you’re using a custom set of keys that matches the way you’d like the movement to work. This wouldn’t change the function of the Move buttons, however.

Interesting. Not worth the work for your first solution! The second I may try. Thanks!

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