Microperforation using lightburn

Is it possible to use lightburn to do microperforation - roughly 2500 holes per sq. in

So, an array of 50 pulses per inch in each direction then? (that would be 2500 / sq in)

The “simplest” way would be to create an array of lines, and set the lines to use dot mode (which will shudder a lot because it stops for each dot) or perforation mode, with a short cut value, like 0.1mm, and a longer skip value, to get yourself to 50 dots per inch. Using 0.1 / 0.4 would give you that.


Thank you very much

You could also do this (with less specific control over the density) by loading a 50% gray image and using ordered dithering. Then adjust the brightness and DPI to get the pattern density you want.

Mmmmmm that’s an interesting thought process that could open a lot of different avenues in my project thank you

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