Microsoft pro 9 arm processor (Microsoft SQ3)

xTool D1 and F1 hardware:
Lightburn is trying to connect to com ports 1, 2 & 3, but my surface has 2 ports which are 4 & 5.
What is the work around for this issue? (if there is one)
My surface will not install the ch341ser.inf (tried many times)

How do you know which ports LightBurn is trying to connect with?

How do you know this?

Does Windows create a port for the laser when connected and turned on?

Can you take a screenshot of Windows Device Manager->Ports? Refresh before and after turning on the laser to check if a port is being created.

Is an arm processor supported by Lightburn and it’s supported software?


Windows on Arm features an emulation layer similar to Rosetta on Mac OS. It has its own issues but suspect it could run LightBurn without fuss.

The Serial USB driver, on the other hand, I’m not sure about.

1 - When connecting to Lightburn, it only shows 3 ports 1,2, 3
2 - When I connected my USB cable to my Surface, I can see what ports are being used. Ports 4 & 5.
3 - No, I does not create a port, it error out

Can you take a screenshot showing what you mean?

Please also take a screenshot for this.

Where does it error out? How are you determining that? A screenshot again would be helpful. But bottom line, if you’re not able to get a port defined for the laser LightBurn or any other control program will never work. First order of business is to work out how to get a serial port setup for the laser.

Are you able to address the other items from my previous post?

Additionally, can you take a screenshot of Windows Device Settings → Ports with the laser plugged in and turned on?

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Are you deliberately avoiding answering the other questions? Please be direct if there’s a reason for that so that I can understand what to do with that information.

As for the Device Manager screenshot, the USB Serial Device on COM4, that seems like it could be associated to the laser but let’s try to confirm that. Try turning off your laser, then refresh Device Manager. Does that port go away? And is it recreated if you turn the laser back on?

My ports are 4 & 5, as I’ve said 2x’s.
It doesn’t matter how many times plugin or unplug both my D1, F1 or my printers. Does this answer your Question?

You haven’t addressed specific questions. I’m asking those questions to better understand the situation.

The information you’re providing is not sufficient to move the troubleshooting forward. If you’re interested in exploring then will need that specific information. If you’re not interested then please just state so.

Here was my followup to this point.

It’s not clear to me what you’re referring to here. You stating it is not making it clearer to me. By including a screenshot I can understand the context for which you’re stating it. It will likely convey information that your summary is not.

The other questions I’d like answered:

I want to understand what you’re seeing here as well for the same reason.

Can you answer this question explictly?

This is also relevant.

Have you been able to demonstrate that the laser is getting assigned to COM4?

Yes, com4 and com5

You need to elaborate. Are you saying it alternates between COM4 and COM5 or what happens?

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