Microstepper alarm?

My Y axis microstepper has a red alarm LED going off. The laser will not pulse and when you try there is a clicking sound? I looked through previous posts but didn’t find anything that was similar enough to be useful. The X axis driver is still a solid green. The PSU still works.

That sounds like two different issues. When you say “there is a clicking sound” that usually means the high-voltage wire is arcing to metal case of the laser somewhere, instead of going through the tube. Open the back where the tube is (wearing acrylic safety glasses) and test fire while looking at the wire going into the end of the tube opposite the first mirror. My guess is that you’ll see a spark somewhere, and that either there’s missing or thin insulation, or something along those lines.

For the motor driver, if the Y axis still runs I wouldn’t worry too much about it, but you could post a picture and maybe that will help. There’s often a little legend or text to tell you what the LEDs mean.

The LED is blinking once every two seconds. If the legend is correct I have over heated my driver coil? Does that mean that my axis driver is toast?

On another note. The tube was in fact arcing to the metal case.

You haven’t said whether your Y axis still moves - if it does, you’re likely ok and might just need to reduce the current, but without knowing more about the driver I couldn’t say.

It moves if I move it manually or use the keys on the screen. It does not move during a project though.

That sounds like you have rotary mode enabled, or you might just be out of bounds or something. You haven’t mentioned which controller you’re using - that would help. The devil is always in the details.

We had the TC-410 in when the problems started. We have since swapped out the card with a Ruida 6445G and the axis seems to be working again. I have the whole laser up and running at this point. It seems like the PSU was causing a short or something that was throwing the driver into an error state, the PSU has been changed out as well.