Mikey Positioning Method

I do not know if this solution has been demonstrated before, but it has solved my and another user’s problem. I think the difference is that there is no switching of the coordinate system start point. Absolute positioning all the way, maybe even with rotary operation.

I was using my rollers as a bottle support, but not rotating it. I needed a way to easily / quickly synchronize the laser position with the position of the drawing. This series of steps is my solution.

Absolute Coords.
Home machine if capable.
Move to front-left, power up, and Set Origin if no homing switches.
Never move by hand after power on.

[1] Jog laser to CENTER of what you want to burn.
[2] In Laser window, click “+Show Last Position” button.
[3] In Workspace window, you should see a small red cross.
[4] In Workspace (drawing) window, highlight (CTRL-A) your work.
[5] Mouse to the center of your work, click and drag that center onto the top of the red cross.
[6] You now have the physical locations of the laser and work aligned.
[7] Frame should be pretty close to correct. If not, re-scale the drawing or move your part to be burned slightly, but do not move the laser or the drawing center.

I found this method also allows to quickly relocate to unburned / uncut areas of the workpiece.

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