Min, Max power setting with slow cut speed?

I normally cut at 11mms and have my Min set to 13% and Max 100% (1.3ma/16ma). I slowed it down to 8mms to cut thicker material with the same Min,Max power settings and my tube was barely firing at 1.3ma when it should of been 16ma. I thought my tube was a dead but if I edit my Min,Max setting to 100%,100% then it works as usual. My question is, by slowing so much, did the software kick the power down to the lower range because it thought it was slowing down around a corner or something? And if so, is this to be expected or can Lightburn be updated so this doesn’t happen? Thanks

At speeds below 10mm/sec, Ruida defaults to the “min” power setting, so yes, what you see is normal behavior.
You can go in to machine settings and change the default “start speed” to something other than 10mm/sec if you like.

It’s a Ruida thing…


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Thanks for the explanation, I was hoping my tube didn’t die on a Friday!! Do you know if modifying the start speed will have repercussions with other settings or why it’s not lower to start with?

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