Min Power gone after update?

Hello, I’m new to this forum and looking for help.
I have an Atomstack S10 pro GRBL running on Windows 8.
I have just upgraded Lightburn to the latest version 1.1.03 and have experienced difficulties since.
My main issue is that the minimum power setting does not appear anywhere anymore. When I import a vector file, it doesn’t show neither in the Cut/Layers window nor in the Cut layer editor window, where it was before upgrade.
Interestingly, someone suggested it might be related to the file type. When I import an image in Lightburn, the Min power setting appears (both in Cut/layers and in Cut layer editor) BUT it cannot be changed as it is grayed…
I also experienced a loss of USB connection mid-run, though nothing happened and I was sitting next to the laser.
Any lead on how to fix this please? Tia

There is no fix required. Min Power does nothing for GCode devices and never has. It was not supposed to be shown, except for when running an image in grayscale mode.

If you’ve been setting the Min Power value on all your cuts, it hasn’t done anything - GCode machines do not have a way to use this value.

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