Mini-Gerbil connection problem

I need some sparring.

My Mini-Gerbil will no longer connect to my windows computer. When I thought it was due to my old Windows 7 computer I bought another one with Windows 10 but no luck. I have tested 3 functioning usb cables on all usb ports - no contact.
Because I am reasonably good at computers, I have tried to find a solution myself but am about to capitulate after over a week of intense struggle.
The new Windows 10 computer also does not respond when I put the usb cable in any of the ports. (Mouse and keyboard work and usb memory stick too.)
BUT, I put my Macbook on, there is contact right away. (it also has a bit of a problem keeping in touch but I think it has to do with the OS beta version I run)
Do you still need to install a usb serial port adapter driver for win 10? , AwsomeTech’s page states that it is not necessary. What is the reset button for on the Mini-Gerbil controller?

my LightBurn version: 0.9.20
Gerbil version: 1.1.f

All inputs are very welcome

Windows might need the STM32 USB driver.

… it just does not succeed. The driver will not be installed without a yellow warning sign and there are also no new comporte.
Now I have lost the first customers because I can not meet the agreed delivery time.
Oz or Adam, is there a chance my controller will be recognized under Linux Ubuntu without a lot of programming?

I assume Linux would work, but I have no experience using a Mini-Gerbil with Linux, so I can’t say for certain.

Oz, Linux will also not be known by my Mini-Gerbil (and vice versa).

Is there really no one who has had the same problem? This is today the fifth computer I have tried, but with this comes at least the familiar usb device sound when I turn on power to my laser … but -
“device cannot start, error 10 …”

The experiment today is with a windows 10, 64 bit and LightBurn 09.20.

For those who come up with the solution, a huge delicious draft beer is waving - may the corona have passed away. :beer:

Maybe you can try to install Arduino and the drivers?

Thanks for the input, but Ardino and Mini-Gerbil are probably not a good combination.
Below the line I should also be able to re-establish the connection from a winows or linux computer again, after all it has been running for almost 2 years with this setup and many others in here have no similar issues with Mini-Gerbil on Windows or Linux.

What I wanted to say is that it needs drivers(but I don’t know which)) and thought it was Arduino-based…

Thanks anyway,
The drivers are under win10 “built-in” and should come up as themselves and simulate or act as a serial bridge.

“Starting from Windows® 10, the STSW-STM32102 driver is no more adequate and the use of the native inbox driver is

All attempts to reinstall or find some “similar” driver went wrong for me so I am still out of business. (except for a Macbook Pro from 2014 which I for / for certain reasons may not / can not use.)

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