Mini Grbl, laser not connecting

Hi there, I just swapped out my stock controller in my K40 for a mini gerbil controller. I can’t get the laser to connect to Lightburn- and suspect it’s a driver issue but I can’t seem to figure out how to fix it.
When I first installed it, I thing was showing up for the ports other than “auto”. I found a stmmicroelectronics link online to add a COM port, and now I do have “COM3” showing up on the list, I tried connecting to that and it just says “waiting to connect” and when I try to cut something I get the screen that says, “there was a problem sensing data to the laser. The machine may be busy or paused”.

Can anyone help me???

Have you followed:

Hi Bo, on Awesometech’s page there is unfortunately only help to get if the computer and their controller have already established contact. I also could not find help for the “usb serial driver” issue. When the computer cannot find the controller (usb connection) at all, you are in trouble.

Thank you both for your response!

I believe I had one of the plug things in wrong, I flipped it around and now it’s working just as it should.

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