Minimum power setting cant be altered

Need an answer for maybe a simple question. I’m using a k40 with cohesion3d board, but I cant change minimum power settings like ever it’s always been non usable. Any ideas?

GCode devices like GRBL and Smoothieware don’t have the ability to set Min Power - it’s only ever used for grayscale image engraving for GCode controllers. Some firmware has a min power setting (Smoothieware does) but it’s a global setting for the controller, not per-job, or per-cut.

Keep hearing people when photo engraving saying minimum power setting and maximum power settings so I dont need this is this correct it’s set automatically?

If you’re engraving grayscale images with a diode, Min Power is useful - it sets the power level for white parts of the image, and Max Power is used for black.

If you are doing dithered engraving, even with a DSP system the Min Power value is ignored, and only max power is used, so you don’t need it for that.