Minimum power + tabs + speed


  1. where is the minimum power actually used, in which case? can this be used with CO2?
  2. what are the tabs for? is this for engraving? or is it a PPI step?
  3. where can I set the CO2 when the laser goes around a curve so that it should do it 20% slower than the speed set for the color?

It’s used when the laser slows down due to the path of the head. If you have a sharp corner / turn, the head needs to decelerate, stop and then accelerate again. If you keep the full power all the time you’d have darker spots there because there is more power per time applied to the material.

Are you talking about the layer option? This is meant to not fully cut the object, such that it doesn’t fall off the plate. Sometimes you want it to stay in place and being removed with a knife after the laser job is done.

That’s handled by the min power option. The laser slows down automatically (control and physics), but you need to decrease the power then. You don’t actively control the speed. The only way to change speed in a line would be to cut the shape into different single shapes and assign it to different layers.

All controllers have limits programmed in them. Not only speed and power but also how the power is applied…

The laser pwm output is constrained by the Ruida … Edit → Machine settings → Laser Settings.

There is also a start speed

All of these cumulate into how the power is applied to a speed change.

If your speed is <= start speed, you are running minimum power… As far as I can tell, this is basically how it’s controlled.

:tada: Hope that helps



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