Mira 9 camera alignment

Hello. I am setting up the camera on my Mira 9 and I’ve completed the calibration and trying to finish the alignment. In the lightburn video he mentions having a Z that moves. Does that mean I should auto focus before running the targets? Also he said that it’s best to use material that fills the majority of the bed & the default for the size of material is 200x200 mm or at least 8” but if we have a larger bed to I have to change the scale. What is considered large? Can I use a piece of material that is 12x12 and scale it to fit the frame on it? I did try to find the answers on the aeon video for setting up the camera and it mentions auto focus. What should I do? Now I’m kinda ha going in limbo.

I don’t know how that camera/machine works but if you’re using it to scan something you want it set somewhere it’s reproducible if you know what I mean. If you going to set it up to scan something and calibrate that scanning area, the scanning area needs to be at the same height or the setup is for naught.

So if it’s an inch high during setup, then you use it at 4 inches high there isn’t much point in a calibration.

I think this is the idea. You could probably focus it like normal if you wish. That would assure the proper distance from the head, and probably for the camera also.

The larger of an area to setup the better for precision.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Set the material so the surface of it is at the correct focus distance for the laser, and align the camera there. Then, before taking a capture with the camera on any subsequent material, set the material surface to the proper focus height first, and that will make sure it’s the proper distance from the camera - the distance from material to camera has to be the same for the alignment to work properly.

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