Mirror Acrylic Glued to White Acrylic?

Has anyone tried putting acrylic glue IPS Weld-on (SciGrip 16) to the mirror side ?

I want to glue Red Mirror on top of White acrylic.


I’ve used the Weld-On stuff and it works great on the bare plastic, but if you apply it to a mirrored surface, it will either eat through it and distort/destroy the mirror, or it will not bond anything. I’d expect the former, as it’s a solvent that is supposed to melt the acrylic and is quite possibly an appropriate solvent for the paint covering the metallic portion. Once through the paint, the metallic portion may not melt, but it won’t bond either.

On the topic of SciGrip Weld-On 16, I have been having bad luck with getting an effective hold on Plaskolite DURAPLEX. Although this isn’t mirrored material, the observation I have made is that not all acrylics will work with this stuff.

Check the MSDS on the material. If you see anything other than olymethyl methacrylate, it could affect the hold of the adhesive.

DURAPLEX shows the following:


Chemical Characterization:
< 94% Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) [CAS# 9010-88-2]
`> 6% Acrylic styrene copolymer [Proprietary]

Yes I was afraid it would distort or destroy the mirror look from front

anyone have idea on how to put Red mirror on top of solid white acrylic, besides burning thru holes and bolt.

Maybe a normal glue like Gorilla glue that wont distort the mirror backing ?

3M VHB should work very well.

ok will try, thanks Jeff.
Assume mirror surface is attached to acrylic stronger than VHB will stick to mirror. hehe

If you aren’t happy with the tape option, consider also a water based contact cement. Bonding strength for such adhesives are high, especially for large flat surfaces.
I have some fairly thin VHB tape that I’m not sure is 3M, but is similar in appearance and strength. Many of the VHB products are at least a millimeter thick, but this stuff I found at an open-air market is about a third of a millimeter, perhaps well suited for your purpose.

VHB is thick (at about 1.1 mm), but it is designed for permanent bonding. 3M VHB Window Tape B45P (for example), is rated at

  • 320 oz/in 90° Peel Adhesion on Glass
  • 85 lb/in² Normal Tensile
  • 70 lb/in² Overlap Shear Strength on Stainless Steel

VHB is also a 3M Trademark.

Alternatively, I have and use Oracal’s ORABOND UHB03025T (pictured below). It works pretty good as well having the following ratings (at only about ¼ mm thickness):

  • 150 oz/in 180° Peel Adhesion on Stainless Steel
  • 132 lb/in² Tensile Adhesion
  • 112 lb/in² Sheer

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