Mirror alignment for dummies

(Josh Creswell ) #1

Is there a mirror alignment for dummies? Now I’ve only tired to align the mirrors once, but I couldn’t get it. Anyone got any go to videos, documents that will explain it for a dummy?

(Clinton Paris) #2

I found this helpful and informative, and should have application on all devices:

(Josh Creswell ) #3

Thanks…I’ll read over it. I never really need the mirrors correct, I do 99% of all my work on the left side of the laser, and it mainly 90mm x 60mm in size. But last night I had very large cutting board to do, and the right side barley engraved.

(Doug Fisher) #4

Besides alignment, make sure your bed is level too.

(Nigel Conroy) #5

This is the tutorial that I followed when I installed a new tube. It is in two parts and very extensive but most of it will only ever need to be done once.