Mirror command is not working correctly for text on path in 9.18

I created an award to make on acrylic, so after I had it created I needed to mirror it so I could engrave it on the back of the acrylic (I have made lots of these in the past)

Now when I mirror the award the text is not mirroring correctly, I suspect it has something to do with the text being curved to a path.

This is the un-mirrored award

This is how it looks when I perform a left/right mirror Notice how the words at the top (Legacy Park) are now upside down and mirrored.

Legacy Park when mirrored correctly should look like this

Known, and simply a function of how “on a path” works. We could probably make it work, but it would break everything that already exists if we did. If you convert the text to a path first, then it can be flipped, or the simpler alternative is to just use the new bend option, which doesn’t have the flip problem.

You need to provide a warning, I just wasted $20 of acrylic because I thought it worked like it was supposed to work.