Mirror image guidance/settings

Hi I need some help in getting guidence to what I see on screen to be engraved/cut but also the other way when working with mirrors.
My issue is that image engraves mirrored and I can´t make out how to fix it?

Use the Horizontal Mirror tool: :grin:

You can’t have the pattern display “normally” on the LightBurn workspace and become “mirrored” when sent to the laser: what you see on the workspace is what you get on the material.

I keep the original pattern around for editing, duplicate it when I’m happy with how it looks, mirror the dupe, then send the dupe to the laser. That way, I can change the original without getting confused.

If everything comes out backwards when you don’t want it that way, you may have inadvertently switched the machine origin:

Happy mirroring!

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