Mirror with 8mp camera? tight space between lid and gantry

I have the LB 8MP. Been working to fit it in my DIY 1200x600mm bed setup. Given how close the lid is to the gantry, I clip the edge of the lens. An alternative I was consider would be to mount the camera (via case) on edge then use a mirror to angle down on the bed. I could get the whole setup to be flush with the 2020 bar in the picture.

Curious if this has ever been considered as an option. I am going to mock up something to test it, however it may not be ideal given the optics at play … don’t know.

Also I don’t think there is a ‘mirror’ option on the camera setup. However I saw that if the test points are capture out of order it may flip the overlay image.

The alignment wizard should un-mirror the image (at least when you do a background capture) if you tag the markers in the numbered order. I haven’t tried it, but I expect that will work.

Tried a couple arrangements with mirrors. The space required is still to great to fit in the usable area for the camera.

Plan C is to change the case and move the mount to the back instead of the bottom.

Mirror would have work provided it was wide enough and close enough to the lens (almost touching it).

Thanks for the feedback!

I redesigned the camera housing and mount post and have it fitting up against the lid glass - no problem on clearance now with the gantry. Also the camera was mounted upside down to accomodate the wire placement, however as Oz mentioned - when I finished the circles cross-hair alignment in the correct order (1,2,3,4) the image overlay was spot on. Thanks!!

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