Mirrored designs on lasers with different origins

I have two 100W lasers, one with a 6442 and the other with a 6445. The 6442 has homing switches and origin in the top left, the 6445 has them in the top right. When loading a design for a particular laser, Lightburn mirrors the image about the Y axis to compensate for the machine origin moving.

Is there a way to prevent this? I want to be able to run a single design on either laser without having to mirror it. I can update the origin in the device settings to be the same and it fixes the issue, but then X and Y movements would be reversed… do I then have to go and reverse their directions in the firmware? Or is there an easier way to go about this?


The machine must ‘home’ somewhere. The one that homes to the left is relative to quadrant 4 and the other to quadrant 3.

The controller can be set to home at max or min coordinates or any combination. It’s the hardware, limit switches that defines which corner it will home and what quadrant it operates in.

I’ve fiddled with my Ruida quite a bit, but haven’t found out how to make it do what you want it to do. I think it’s pretty well set.

The controllers switch inputs, LmtX+ and LmtX- indicating Max (+) limit or Min (-) limit.

There are manuals (translated from Chinese) available, but most of them are far from clear in the descriptions. For example, Air Assist → Wind…

You can ‘fool’ it… Set the limit seek direction and manually trigger the limit switches when it gets to the proper place. It’s flaky and position is not reproducible, but it’s great for testing stuff. Make sure you understand how the home seek works so you send it the right signals with your piece of metal or screwdriver…

The simple answer would be drill 4 new holes and move the limit switches to the desired corner and reconfigure it to home there. After all, it’s not rocket science.

I believe the only difference between the two controllers is the resolution of the display.

I removed the drag chain on mine and that required me to move the hall limit switch since there wasn’t any metal there to fly by…

The Lightburn people will probably show up and give you a better answer. (I hope)

Good luck :slight_smile:


A mirrored output is a sign that you didn’t set the position of the origin correctly in LightBurn. Don’t assume that 0,0 (origin) is the same as “home” (the position of the switches). It rarely is.

I think the simple fact is they are configured to operate in different quadrants, so you will always have to make a modification. Lots of people try this (me included.) :crazy_face:


Wonder if he’s talking about just in LB? When my buddy sends me a file that he has created it always opens in my LB mirrored.

They run in a different quadrant. Same issue here.

If it’s origin was front right, you would have to mirror it on a different axes, front left, both axes…


The only way to do it at the moment is select everything and press H to flip it horizontally. :slight_smile:

Per Oz: LightBurn does save where the origin is, but don’t think the bed size of the source machine is saved at this time. It’s possible to flip the graphics automatically, but technically that’s altering the file.

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