Mirrored image during engrave

I’m on day two and have already cut a few things, but today the an image is mirrored. I read about changing origins, but I couldn’t get anything to change. In the software it looks normal but engraves mirrored. I wrote out TEST and set the origin to different corners and it was mirrored the same on the engrave despite flipping around in the software.

It Burns.lbrn (571.8 KB)

Boss 1630 65w

Which corner does your machine go to when you power it up?

Go to Edit > Device Settings, and set the ‘Origin’ to point to that corner.


It went from the top left corner to the top right corner then back on startup. I have it set to the top left corner in the settings.

Yesterday it wasn’t mirrored, but it was upside down. I’m not sure what I did that changed it from that.

The fact that it went to the top right first is the thing you need to pay attention to. Where it went back to was where you have the job origin set. The rear right is your machine origin, so you need to move that button in the settings to the right.

When I put in that corner the image in the software is mirrored and it still engraves mirrored.

The important thing is that now they match. If you select the art (Ctrl A) then horizontally flip it (press H) both will be oriented properly.

That fixed it. Thanks for the help and the fast response!

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