Mirrored image using rotary

Hi all and congrats for this great community you have here :slight_smile:

I’ve got a chinese machine 50x70 (Ruida Controller) using a rotary roller accessory. All running well except that I’ve got mirrored image engraved on the object. Sure is a place where I could change this but I can’t find it… :man_facepalming:t2:

Thanks at all for support !

Physically rotate the rotary attachment 180 degrees on the bed (Make the left side the right side)

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Rotary setup under tools toolbar tab. Know the diameter or circumference of the object, and the circumference of the roller. Had that issue yesterday and measured stuff and came out great.

Sorry guys but maybe I explained myself wrong so I don’t think that any of that replies solve the problem.

First, I can’t flip 180 degrees the rotary (it means upsidedown if I’m nderstanding you right). Got no chance to do that because of its shape/weight ?¿

Second: my problem is the image is flipped/mirrored when engraving, not wrong measurements. Diameter and steps are setted right. I was looking any option/setting on LB menus that controlls this but I can’t find it. And YES, I can flip the image on the canvas but I would like to know if there is any option to change this on the menus.

Turn the rotary device around on the bed of your laser. For example, my chuck rotary has the motor on one end and the “tail stock” pin on the other. If I set the motor side on the left of the machine everything is fine, but with the motor side on the right, everything is mirrored.

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Oh, it’s just that ? Thanks at all ! I will try and let you know guys, thanks at all for your support :slight_smile:

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If that doesn’t work take a pic of your rotary bed device. If it like mine then I know what’s probably happening

Sounds like you rotary is going in wrong direction. If that’s the case. You can switch your wires but I wouldn’t know which ones.

we are conditioned to have the chuck on the left and the work to the right of it, because that is how lathes are.

but it seems like many rotary attachments are wired in a way that requires the chuck to be on the right, with the work to the left of it.

that one caught me out too, when i first used the rotary .

it was easier to turn the attachment rather than rewire it.

Thanks guys ! Just rotated 180 degrees as you said the rotary attachment and everything is OK now ! Thanks at all :slight_smile:

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