Mirrored x axis

I have looked thru the search but did not find what i was looking for.

brand new 60watt co2 laser with lightburn rds. turned on power to machine last night for the first time. wanted to start some checks. feel the ruida controller out. everything moves and seems correct. then I plugged in laptop and opened light burn and my X axis moves in opposite directions. I feel ive experienced this before with my diode laser but its been over a year and I dont remember how I fixed it?

Can’t you just determine the machine’s starting point/home in the machine settings?

well ive done this…my ruida controller moves my x axis left when i press left arrow and then right when i push my right arrow. …in lightburn its backwards. right goes left and left goes right.

Try typing Ruida + origin in the search box, there are too many posts to refer to. There is guaranteed to be something useful for you too.

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