Misalignment issue with engraving, printing sections in offset locations

My camera isn’t working so I recreated it the issue.

The first picture is what I am trying to print. The cutter does what you see in the second picture. Also, it is printing the weird parts out of order, for instance it will print from the very bottom up with the errors, as opposed to going in the expected printing order while just printing the errors in the wrong spot. That leads me to believe it is a software issue and not a hardware issue. If it were a hardware issue, it would print up to the error section, then print the error section in the wrong place.

It has the same problem with other cuts too, and on other locations on the printing bed.

I am using an Omtech 60W laser cutter with a Ruida controller, and the latest edition of Lightburn (1.0.02). The speed is less than 300 for all the cuts. Does anyone know what the problem might be?

Is it similar to this problem?

@Ashkan4818 You never mentioned what the “x-axis motor problem was”.
Can you elaborate a bit? What was the actual problem?

@Ashkan4818 Yeah it’s similar. Yours seems to have moved in a curve and mine is more gradual but it’s similar. What was the issue for yours? How did you fix it?

@Hank, in fact, I did not take the time to understand the problem, I chose the easiest way and changed the stepper motor :grinning:

@Ashkan4818 Doesn’t really help me on this issue, though I appreciate the assistance.
I don’t think it’s a motor issue. The reason is that it will print this part first:

and THEN it will print this part:

So it’s not getting to that point and then printing it wrong, rather the print data is wrong.
I’m not sure why that is happening :frowning:

Is this a preview in Lightburn?

@Ashkan4818 no, only the very first picture I posted is the preview. Everything else is a recreation of what is printing:

Shameless bump! I still haven’t figured this out. Does anyone have any advice?

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