Misalignment sending jobs with "Start."

I’ve recently started using Start vs. Send on my cut jobs. Saves time from having to walk over to the machine, open the new file and start from the machine. I’ve been doing it this way on the two machines I have. However, today, elements of the job were misaligned. The first one was the state outline. Along the way it seemed to stay in one small area long enough to burn a hole all the way through the work. The state outline is just a mess!

I loaded a new piece of wood and this time the fill misaligned right from the start. It had worked fine before on the first piece.

So what gives?

80W CO2 machines, Windows 10 Home, 64 bit. Lightburn Beta 0.9.04 Ruida 644XG controller

Thank you.


How are you connected to the machine, and what settings are you using for the fill?

Hi Oz.

I am connected via USB cable. Image of my fill settings attached.
But it’s not just the fill. It happened on the cut setting on the WV state border shown in the first two images as well.

A USB cable long enough that you have to walk over to the machine could be the issue by itself. USB is rated for a maximum of 16 feet, so if yours is longer, that could be it.

If you hold the Shift key when you click ‘Send’, it will automatically start the job after the send is finished, which might also help. … Scratch, that, I lied - You’re on 0.9.04, which is about 12 versions behind at this point, and that feature is relatively recent. I would recommend updating if that’s an option for you. A lot of overall bug fixes and improves are added to every release.

Well, the machine is only about four feet from my laptop, but the cable is a long one because the way I have it routed down the side of my workbench, around a pole and over to the machine. It is 15’ long. I could use a shorter cable like the one that came with it.

Is there a favored way of sending jobs rather than USB?

Is there any reason updating is NOT an option? I have the regular, paid subscription.

I’ve been using Start for a week or so now, but didn’t have any problem until today all on the same file.

I’ll go ahead and update now.



Just downloaded the newest version. 0.9.16 :smile:


Also, clicking Shift and send delays the job until the machine has completely downloaded all the file info, so it’s not cutting while it’s still downloading the old way, right? I read something about that recently here.


That is correct, the entire file is sent to the controller before it is started.

If your license had expired before the last update was released it would mean you couldn’t use it without renewing your key.

Well I updated my Lightburn quickly and easily, so I’ll give it a go today and see if using Shift + Start fixes the problem.

Thank you.


New version of Lightburn seems to be working well regarding the problem in my OP of the head losing its way on some cut jobs (when I send the job directly to the machine using Start).

Now, I hold Shift key before clicking Start, it takes a second to send, then the job commences with no problems so far.

A couple other hiccups with the new edition, but I should be able to figure it out.

Thanks everyone for your comments.


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