Missing bits of letters and shapes

Grbl 1.1h Latest lightburn software. Burning a power test and I am missing part of the numbers/ text and part of some squares. Show3s up fine in lightburn but not in the cut. Saved the g-code and opened in laser grbl which shows the parts missing! Any ideas please.

What version of LightBurn on which OS?

Post both the LBRN and saved GCode files here for review. If private, email with link to this post to support at lightburnsoftware dot com and we can take a look.

@TonyWhipp, you could have posted these files here, as they are just power test files and not some private IP.

The first thing I notice, …this file has ‘Perforation Mode’ set on several of these Layers. This is why you are seeing parts of the shape “missing”. They are not really missing. You told LightBurn to remove these sections when running this job. I’ll explain…

On the pink layer for example, you have told LightBurn to cut that layer path using a 150 mm cut followed by 3 mm skip, then cut another 150 mm along that path. Every 150 mm cut will be followed by a skip of 3 mm.

Now look at the black layer. Defined as a ‘Perforation Mode’ cut as well, set to cut 90 mm with a skip of 4 mm.

This is why you are seeing the results you are.

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