Missing bottom part of bed

I have run the alignment wizard multiple times, both on Mac and PC, and can’t seem to figure out what I’m doing wrong. Whenever it finishes, it is a zoomed-in version of my bed, but always missing the lower part of it. I offset Y value to match what is engraved and the result is what is attached.

It is the Lightburn camera, on a k40 running cohesion 3d. When I run the alignment I usually get .25 and lower on the scores, and never above .3.

This is the preview window:

If you can’t see the 1 & 2 target marks there, you won’t be able to see them anywhere else, either. Clear that Y-Shift value and re-do the camera alignment.

It might also help a bit to aim the camera at the middle of your bed area, and you should also make sure that the laser can actually go to the area that you think it’s missing. Have you changed the config file on the C3D board to tell it that you have 240mm of travel on the Y axis? If not, that would likely be the problem.

Looks like it was needing to mark 240mm in cohesion3d’s config files.

Thank you so much!

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