Missing buttons

I’m trying to change a few settings on my machine and I seem to be missing a variety of buttons. I am not set to beginner mode and I’m using a top wisdom controller I don’t know if that matters. So far I can’t do the following:

. Read time settings from the machine for time preview
. Fast white space scan is missing
. Flood fill is missing

I would appreciate any help I could get this one starting to get me a little stuck. By the way this is on both Mac and PC.

I don’t believe either of these are available options for Top Wisdom controllers.

This option should be available. Check under Advanced tab for a Fill layer.

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its missing.

Odd. Can you confirm that your base mode is set to “Fill”? It won’t show up for line and not available for offset fill.

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Please show us using screen captures. As @berainlb asks what mode do you have set for that layer?

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OK, it worked. But it’s a no go on the other problems?

like @berainlb told…

Fast whitespace scan is not possible with DSP controllers. We get to set the speed once for the entire layer, not per command. Try using Fill Groups Together or Fill Shapes Individually if your design has a lot of blank area.

For pulling the simulation parameters from the machine, I don’t think that’s implemented yet for TopWisdom controllers.

Any way to get the parameters manually?

Edit > Machine Settings should show the acceleration and speeds for engraving and cutting, yes, and I think you can also view them from the control panel itself.

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