Missing lines in software

see pictures. First picture is the file in LightBurn second picture is the preview that is being sent to the laser

Two things:

  • The second picture doesn’t look like the preview window in LightBurn, so are you using the “Convert to Cut (debug)” option to do that? (you shouldn’t - that’s a debugging tool - just click ‘Start’ to send a job to the laser)

  • The lines are displayed at the resolution of your monitor, exactly one pixel wide. Depending on how zoomed in you are, you’ll see space between them and this is completely normal.

It’s not the debug menu it is the preview menu and it cut off my image when I hit send. That’s why I started to investigate. It sent exactly what is shown in the preview so I don’t understand why it dropped the last few lines. Also, this isn’t the first time it happened. I will say that both times it happened I had expanded the width of the image by a specific % to account for the rotary.

When engraving on a rotary attachment I use math instead of adjusting my parameters in my laser. I run a 100mm test on any new items and then measure it to see how far off I am. For example this piece tested at 78mm so I divide 100/78 to get a number. In this case 1.282051282051282. So I change the with of the image by 128.2051% to compensate for the rotation instead of always fooling with the laser parameters. Both images that lost lines were rotary jobs. Would this have anything to do with it?

Oh, I misunderstood - I didn’t notice the missing end, and thought you were referring to the gaps, and you didn’t say which lines you thought were missing.

Do you have the pass-through setting enabled?

Okay so when the pass through option is enabled the image is corrected. Just out of curiosity what is the pass through option and when should it be enabled/disabled? And when it isn’t enabled am I going to run into this issue with say a photograph?

Pass through enabled is green, disabled is red. Which is yours? It usually causes trouble when enabled, because it restricts what you can to an image - No rotation, and no non-uniform scaling - because it outputs exactly 1 dot per pixel, with no resampling, and rotation or non-uniform scaling requires resampling.

So when I’m doing tumblers on the rotary I need to resample the image prior to sending it? Or would I be better off rotating and expanding the image in CorelDRAW prior to exporting it?

You shouldn’t need to - LightBurn does this automatically, internally. If you have the pass-through option ON it means that LightBurn isn’t allowed to do it’s normal automatic resampling. This is only really ever used for images dithered outside of LightBurn, because resampling a dithered image causes visual artifacts. Under normal use, you’d leave the option off.

If your image is getting cut off when you stretch it, and you don’t have that option enabled, then I may have a bug.

Well I can tell you that I hit undo until the original image was all that was in there and then rotated it without stretching it and it cut off the last few lines. The file was created in CorelDRAW and exported as a bitmap. I don’t know if that helps you or not. Both times it has cut off text that was converted into an image.

If you can send the project file that has the cut off lines in it to developer at lightburnsoftware dot com, I can take a look at the file and see if I can figure out why it’s happening. Include a link to this post, or a brief explanation - we get a fair bit of email, so “here is the file” isn’t enough. :slight_smile:

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