Missing MPEG Camera after 0.9.10 Upgrade

After upgrading today I no longer see my MPEG camera adapter in the camera dropdown list.

The mpeg camera adapter allows me to connect to my raspberry pi camera on the laser. I can reach the camera through other means so it’s not the camera or the IP adapter running on my windows machine. I worked before the upgrade.

Here is the IP camera adapter I’m using.

Because it’s not a physical USB camera it won’t show up with the new camera system, however you can switch to the old one in the settings. Switch this from ‘Custom’ to ‘Default’ in the lower left:

Oz, after making the change as you indicated the MJPEG camera driver is back.

Yup - it swaps the under-the-hood camera system between the new rewrite and the previous one. I recognized there would likely be a few systems wouldn’t work with the new one, so I allowed for using either one.

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