Missing of lines in the picture

Does anyone know why the laser is weakening
the upper part of the image

the wood is maple

this is the original photo

I’d guess that this is a hardware issue rather than a software one.

please spec. what you meen by hardware

The engraving seems to be getting lighter gradually as the laser moves up the image, my guess would be that the material isn’t level and is shifting out of focus as it moves up.

maybe you should start by being specific about what hardware you have :wink:

Looks loke the laser is losing power over time. This can be due to a large amount of factors

the wood I used is Maple
and the settings is 1500 mm/min.
and 100% power.
and the material is level with the wasteboard

Is the wasteboard level with the Y axis?

Yes Sir, I have done that erlier

If you click on the OP’s name, you will see the profile showing that they are using an XCarve.

@rednote, you could edit your profile to provide a bit more details for your setup. Type of laser and wattage, current firmware and version used to drive this setup, and any other details that will help others know and so you don’t have to repeat yourself when posting. :wink:

I´m using X-carve
J-Tech 3.8W
GRBL 1.1f

Thank you but I was suggesting an edit to update your profile. :slight_smile:

You can update by visiting this section of your user profile.

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