Missing section of fill

I have cut an image into white Corian, speed 150 pwr 65 and a stripe across the top of the flower has cut very lightly across the whole image. I increased the size of the image and it did it again in the same spot.

How do I resolve this?

Orion 60w
Ruidia 644XG

Martin Gaut

I have tried blowing off the material and laser in case it was getting clogged. It doesn’t happen in the same position on the laser bed or material, but in the same position in the drawing.

Here is the second picture I was suppose to upload in the original post. I enlarged the image and the cut is in the same place. I took the picture while it was making a second pass to get a deeper cut. It was half way done. The first one was done with 4 passes.

Martin Gaut

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