Missing text ? please see pictures

hi all

i have been missing a few bits of text lately on some different projects i always use same power speed and mainly the same font please see the pictures

of text that has been missing when i press the preview sign it will say that it will go to the places but it just shines the laser there no actual burn any ideas what it could be

the text is a written text not imported file
screen print is normal setting i use

Hi Mat,

You mentioned that the laser turns on for the areas that it does not burn, and that leads me to believe either you power settings or less likely, smoke obscuring the beam/focus are the issue.

Have you tried turning on “Fill All Shapes At Once” and “Constant Power Mode”? or lowering the etch speed?

hi mate i have just tried constant power and tried to burn the same text (happy) this is the result

Looks to me like the material might be treated with some sort of coating which is likely interfering with the burn. Try sanding the surface to see if you can remove any coating and try again.

Or try burning to a consistent known surface like cardboard to confirm the behavior.

hi mate i have hoped its this but i have done about 20 of these same discs getting same results worried it may be my laser packing up

That’s entirely possible.

Try running a test pattern on a known working material. Perhaps something where you have the same test pattern run at an earlier date. Then you can compare directly.

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hi all just a update i have taken all advice in

i have carried on burning projects i have done before i have had to rude the speed on everything and increase the power to get the same result as before

my normal project for text would be 300 speed and 43 power i am now using 250 speed and 50 power not sure if its a setting i have changed by mistake or does this sound more like laser is about to die ?

To me sounds like diode is worn out. Make sure the lens is not dirty. Clean with some IPA. If the lens is clean and performance is still degraded the diode is likely on its way out. Could still have a lot of hours left in it but not at original performance levels.

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