I get this when the TFT35 lcd is connected at the same time both work great independently
[HLP:$$ $# $G $I $N $x=val $Nx=line $J=line $SLP $C $X $H ~ ! ? ctrl-x]

LB 0.9.20
Grbl 1.1h

I do not understand what the issue is. Can you please elaborate on what is or is not happening?

Lightburn will stop streaming gcode to machine, on the console [HLP:$$ $# $G $I $N $x=val $Nx=line $J=line $SLP $C $X $H ~ ! ? ctrl-x] is displayed. This only happens when using the mks tft35 and Lightburn at the same time. I can save the g code and run from the lcd without issues or disconnect the lcd and Lightburn works just fine.

OK, Thanks for the clarification. The TFT display uses a com port to communicate to the board. As does LightBurn. I think the problem you are having is they are both trying to use the same port on the board. You will be stuck using one or the other, but will not be able to use them both connected at the same time if I am correct. But I am sure Oz from LightBurn will have the definitive answer.

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