MM inches apples to apples

I have myself so confused with the mm / inches scales. I work in inches and am trying to get used to the metric system please bear with me. Here and in my normal wood working I am trying to convert to metric to get away from fractions.
Here in Lightburn when I enter a value in say inches and then click the radio button to mm is the conversion apples to apples across the board. I ask this because when I am entering text size in the inch system and convert to mm I can’t read the text.
Until I get the metric down I will have to change back and forth.
The reason I am trying here is when watching so many videos they are using the metric system and for me it is hard to follow.

As @RalphU shows, you can enter equations and more to help with value entry and conversion. LightBurn 0.8.07 - Equations, color camera view, grayscale & PPI for A – LightBurn Software


This one is a pet project of mine: LightBurn’s X & Y position, width, height, scale, and interval entry boxes now support expressions and units. What does this mean for you?

If you type 1/2in, and you’re in mm mode, it’ll turn into 12.7. If you’re in inch mode and type 1/2in, it’ll become 0.5. You can use ft, cm, in, or mm, along with normal math symbols and parenthesis (*/-+). You can combine them, so entering (1/2in + 3mm) * 2.5 + 1ft is valid. You can type 1/300in in the interval box to have it convert “300 lines per inch” into an interval for you. This should make working in mixed units easier.

Over the next release or two I’ll be replacing other number boxes with the new equation entry box, but it’ll take a bit of time.

Thank you, with the whole photo engraving DPI, speed, power, line interval, metric, new program this old man is burning some serious brain cells

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