Modification pièce à découper

Bonjour, comment faire pour modifier une pièces de façon à ce qu’elle reste sur la plaque une fois découper et quel ne tombe pas ? Merci

“Hello, how to modify a piece so that it remains on the plate once cut and what does not fall? Thank you”

I am not understanding your question. Please re-phrase.

Lorsque je coupe u e pièce, je voudrai qu’elle ne se coupe pas entièrement, qu’elle reste sur la plaque de bois, qu’il y et des coupure de laser

“When I cut a piece, I would like it not to cut entirely, it stays on the wood plate, there is a laser cut”

I think you may be asking if LightBurn has a way to define “Tabs” along the cut path. If this is correct, there is not in the way you might be thinking. With the ‘Layer’ set to ‘Line’, you could use the ‘Perforation Mode’ to accomplish this. Play with the setting highlighted in red to get the placement of the “Tabs” as you like.


voici un exemple de ce que je voudrais…

“here is an example of what I would like”

This would require manual editing of each path where you want “Tabs” to add bridges for each part you want to stay connected to your wood substrate. LightBurn does not currently have a tool to help automate this process although it has been suggested.

Register and add your support for adding this feature by voting here:

Ça fonctionne merci beaucoup

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