Modified Longworth for rotary chuck

I’ve played with a couple of Longworth designs and decided to make my own variation to fit better with working with a rotary:

  1. The buttons/jaws of the chuck are locked in place with nyloc nuts, adjusted to where they are snug but move easily.
  2. Modified the edge to make it easier to turn as well as giving a little bit of leverage to tighten the chuck.
  3. Locking is done with a separate clamp for the entire chuck, rather than each button being tightened. This makes it a lot quicker and easier to lock rather than tightening each button. Plus, I couldn’t find any M4 sized knurled bolts and wing nuts. :wink:
  4. I haven’t made the mating piece for the live center, but other than the size of the center hole, it’s the same design.
  5. There is a lot less mechanical load with a laser rotary than a wood lathe, so this “should work”. Time will tell.
    longworth.lbrn (519.0 KB)
    (upload://1V06o5N01Wn4Cea1aS1I90MsNIn.lbrn) (519.0 KB)
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