Modifying the GUI

Is there a way to modify the GUI so that the Colors are to my choosing and not the default?

The colors are pretty irrelevant, because the laser doesn’t burn in color, so the color table is just defined internally. Is there a reason you need to do this?

Not really, other than the fact that I don’t always get the options along the bottom of the screen to set colors for different portions of a burn. Usually when I am working with a picture for engraving. I understand how it is defined when working with Grayscale Images. But I would like the option to define certain portions of an image over and above the defaults I would prefer to have a little more control when creating a depth map…

If the colors aren’t always displayed at the bottom of the screen, I don’t see how changing which colors they are would help. There’s a good chance that the screen has just slid down off the bottom of your display. Make sure you have enough screen resolution to show the window at the size you have it.

For the 2nd part of your message, regarding grayscale images, I don’t understand what you’re asking for.

For the colors, are you asking if you can change the colors themselves, or are you asking if you can change the settings that each color represents? The latter is easy - you just open the cut settings window for one of the colors and click the ‘Set as default’ button on the bottom.

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