Monitor 21:1 wide for gaming

Hi everyone. please can anyone tell me if i can use lightburn on a wide flat 21:9 gaming monitor?
I would still like to stop switch dual monitors.
I thought I could use the workspace extensively, like keep all pieces to the left, setup windows to the right while keeping the maximum size of the honeycomb workspace in center.
does anyone use these monitors with lightburn or do you know contraindications ?
I was thinking of an AOC U34E2M 34’’ flat monitor, it is in my budget end it measure around 37 x 86cm

The only experience I can offer here, is that some users discover small Icons and lettering when using large monitors. There are Settings in LightBurn ( under Edit, then Settings ) that will re-scale these for you but it might take some fiddling to make it comfortably match expectations.

Windows 10 offers scaling in their accessibility options:

Plenty of work has gone into enabling Edge-Case monitor use for LightBurn users. There are some physical limits and small overlaps on the smallest monitors.

If you do experience something problematic with this large monitor please let us know.

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I have a very similar monitor, and have had no issues with LightBurn on it. I use FancyZones to divide up my desktop, and use about 2/3 of the screen for LightBurn, with a strip on the side for other windows (reference, videos, etc). LightBurn displays fine full screen on that monitor, but I personally haven’t found much need for it to be that wide.


having to buy a new monitor anyway, yesterday morning I got the flat ultra wide 21:9.
it’s spectacular.
I have an excellent work area and above all what I wanted: a large side area where to stack the pieces of the project, a side column of windows that no longer occupies the work space.
it has been in my possession for less than 24 hours so we don’t know each other well yet but the first impact is that of an object from which I would hardly ever want to go back.

I think I will also be able to find faults with it but for now I am enthusiastic about it.
I combined a wireless keyboard + mouse with the monitor and the laptop now remains closed and hidden, the space on my desk has also increased.

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Chris any regrets with the 21:1 monitor for LB?

no, I draw wonderfully on it.
Now I would never go back.
Only regret is not buying it sooner.
I can also handle projects like this one which has over 400 pieces well.

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