Monport 60W 20 x 28 CO2 with autofocus Lightburn profile

Hi, I have a Monport 60W CO2 laser. I have the DSP version of Lightburn. It’s connected by USB cable. I can’t get Lightburn to recognize the laser. I was looking for a Lightburn profile like the one I used when I connected my Xtool D1. I thought it may be a driver issue, and I was going to install the version of RDworks that came with the machine. When I put the USB drive in the antivirus software said that there were several viruses in all the files. I did not install the software. I put in a support ticket with Monport, and they suggested that if I was “worried” about viruses, that I download RDworks directly from the company website. They did not address my question about a Lightburn profile for the laser. If you have any suggestions I would appreciate it. Thanks.

Install the FTDI driver from here:
VCP Drivers - FTDI (

Or reinstall LightBurn and choose the option to install the FTDI driver at the end of the installation.

Alternatively, connect the controller through Ethernet which doesn’t require a separate driver.
Ethernet Connection (Ruida) - LightBurn Software Documentation

There is no .lbdev profile provided for DSP controllers that I’ve seen.

My 60W Monport is connected via Ethernet… never had a glitch or problem.
Ethernet gets my vote… too much going on in the USB side of things… too many places for errors and disconnects.


I was looking for a .lbdev profile. Thank you for letting me know it is not necessary. I’m surprised that when Monport responded they did not indicate that. I really appreciate your help. Thank you!

I will try connecting via ethernet. Thanks for your help.

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