More hardware and software issues

First off may I wish a Very Happy New Year to everybody!
I need the help of all you Gurus out there. The led’s on the Ruida controller number 14 is blinking
I looked it up and it said run. What does that mean? Then the green led on my x and y driver are blinking.
Then when I look for devices it finds my Ruida controller, but LB is not connected to the Ruida. If I try any commands they don’t work. Like move laser head, or go home.

LED 14 blinking is a good thing - it means your controller is on and ready to receive commands. (Run = ‘it’s running’)

Not sure about the ones on your motor drivers, though it could be similar.

When asking for help with your setup, it would be good to mention that you just finished installing it yourself, so the issues you’re having are going to be with getting it configured for the first time. You’ll have different problems than someone who started with a pre-configured controller in their machine.

You’ll need to set up homing, limits, motor step sizes, directions, travel ranges, accelerations, and so on. When you first connect, you should see 'Found RDC644XG" or similar along the bottom of the screen, like this:

If you do, you’re connected.

Thanks Oz. Is there a video that you know of for where to start 0n homing limits and etc…?

I’ve never seen one, no. You can look at the RDWorks software manual for the vendor settings - they’re explained ok in there, but I haven’t seen any videos on vendor setup. It’s not something most users need to do.

You’ll need to use RDWorks to get the info. Look at the “user” tab and click “read” and you should be able to find most of the information you need. If you need to get into the vendor settings (file -> vendor settings I believe) watch this video: You may not need to get into vendor settings if you know your bed size and the coordinates of where you want your home and limits set at.
Make sure to do backups of the vendor and user settings files before doing anything! Take photos on your phone or screenshots of the settings and don’t touch anything else except for making backups (“read” then “save” buttons). Use those screenshots to enter what you need into the LB settings. Stop here if that makes sense to you.

If looking at the vendor and user settings makes no sense to you, that video doesn’t actually tell you anything if you don’t know what you’re looking at. (And you probably won’t unless you’ve built a 3D printer or CNC machine from scratch.) So watch the next 2 videos to understand what you’re trying to do and why, and be able to translate that into fine tuning in LightBurn if you should need to.

I know these two videos are long, but watch them completely and DON’T do what he’s showing, you just need to know what the settings you’re going to enter mean and how to tweak them.
Again, do not do the reset on the controller that he shows at the beginning of either video - he’s just showing how badly you can screw it up if you don’t pay attention, and how to recover from it. In fact, don’t mess around with any buttons on the controller or use the “write” button in RDWorks at all for any reason, just look at things in RDWorks, then type settings in LB.

Seriously - I had to build a firmware settings file from scratch and it was much more difficult than he shows in the videos because I had a mystery machine with mystery hardware, I do not recommend it.

You can use Edit > Machine Settings in LightBurn, which edits both the vendor and user tab settings, though we don’t have save / load of them yet. Since you’re starting from scratch, that’s less of a concern.

So sorry, I just looked at htrowrod posts and realized that he is doing the EXACT same thing I did when I was referring to the mystery machine and hardware. The controller itself has to be loaded with machine information, so if LB can’t write to it, it has to be done with the keypad and RDWorks. (I’ve known about LB for years, but I’ve just decided to try it out because of a new machine I’m planning to build, so you definitely know more about it’s capability than I do.)

@htrowrod: My condolences. I also forgot to pull the settings off of the Leetro controller before I wired in the Ruida. It was such a pain. Do you know the specs of your motors and settings on your drivers? I would suggest installing RDWorks first and following along with the two videos I posted, but you’ll also need those motor and driver specs if you want to get it set up a lot faster. I have lots of manuals and research from when I did mine if you need it, and I can help you figure out the motor and driver info too.

Where are you located? Are you for hire? What machine did you upgrade from? I Have a Gweike, I was running lasercut 5.3. I believe I have pictures of all old settings.

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