More help with photos

I dont usually do anything with photos, everytime i try i never get anything close to laserable results.
Can anyone help me with a decent cut file? It is going to go on a powdercoated tumbler. Here is the file and thanks in advance.

That’s a tough one, as the black background interferes with the rest of the design. The design has to be reduced/simplified to provide something suitable for the laser. That’s where I have problems with really great images, too. By the time you take away enough to work on the laser, there’s nothing left to the design.

I used a vector conversion program, but the result is so complex that it’s useless. The remaining option is to convert the image to greyscale and bitmap it on the tumbler. That’s something I’ve never tried with such a detailed and varied image, but LightBurn is definitely the right program to use for that task.

Well Thanks for your help. I think I will pass on this one then. I messed with it coraldraw also with no results. Thanjs again

I played with it… difficult:

What settings did you use jeff?

I used Snag-It image editing to apply Halftone to it, but it is pretty awful.

I used newsprint in LB and got about the same results but mine is a bit darker. I did a test run and it is ok and the guy likes it but I would like it better.

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