More layer colors?

Is there a way to add more layer colors on the bottom bar? I just imported a dxf and got a new color which came in as C50. Can lb display more colors? Some of the existing ones are so light they are hard to see and work with. I would change some if I could. Please advise. Thank you

There isn’t, no. It’s limited for a reason - Ruida hardware has a maximum of 32 cut bank settings, and I think the AWC is limited to 20. Is there a reason you need so many different settings? Are you using that many different settings, or just trying to enforce your order in a certain way?

No, I don’t really need more oh, it’s just that the light colors are very difficult for me to see on the screen. Maybe it’s my eyes, I wonder if others are fighting the same thing. I thought if I could add more or replace the light ones with some darker colors it would help.

This is a bit of a struggle - I originally used different colors but then people complained they were too close to each other. It’s incredibly hard to pick 30 colors that are all dark enough, yet different enough.

I understand that, and I did not mean to complain. It’s just that when I realized that new color showed up Mark C50 that the system was remembering way more. It is true that even with the dark colors it’s very difficult to tell between them. Seems like you can’t win sometimes doesn’t it? Anyway, it’s an awesome piece of software and I appreciate the hard work on it