More passes or more power or less speed?


Currently I am using my 40w diode laser to cut 3mm MDF, with speed around 130 and 95% power and 1 pass.

What is better? advantages and disadvantages?

  1. Low speed, high power, 1 pass (my current setup)
  2. Lower speed, medium power, 1 pass
  3. 2 passes, at low speed and low power.

(For mark lines, I use 1000 speed and 90% power).

Any advise will be greatly appreciated.

In my experience, Low speed/High power/Few passes will finish the job faster, but leave much more charring and a wider kerf. High speed/Low power/Many passes leaves a better cut quality, but takes longer overall. Everything else falls in the middle and can be a compromise. It is going to depend on what you are trying to achieve.

When you state speeds, please use distance units/time format (mm/min, mm/sec, in/min, in/sec). 1000 speed means nothing to someone on the other end if they do not know what units you are talking about.

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Tonite I will clean the lenses, and will try a test with 2 passes.

Thank you anyway.

Try adding some type of air assist, it’s a massive help to better cutting

Who is the manufacturer? I have a NEJE MASTER 2S with a 40 watt module.I can cut 3 mm MDF at 200 mm/min 50% power 2 passes. Recommend using masking tape to reduce if not eliminate “scorching” around the cut. I also have a small fan blowing at the laser as it cuts to remove the smoke.

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