More questions from a LightBurn shopper

I am looking into LightBurn and am now using coreldraw x6
I have four functions that I have not been able to find in LB and would like to know if they are in LB
Ability to create more than one contour line
connect Line(s) to tangent
Measurement call-outs on screen
Ability to move or manipulate multiple nodes,
Thanks for all the help. I am pretty much sold on LightBurn and just wondering if these functions exist or if they may be in development for future upgrades

Ability to create more than one contour line

I assume you mean like this?
There isn’t a way to do it directly, but you can set the Offset tool to ‘Select result’, and then press Ctrl and click the Offset button again to repeat the last action. Do that multiple times to create many offsets. I could add a ‘repeat’ value easily enough.

Connect Line(s) to tangent

Can you show what you mean? (I doubt we have this, but I’m not sure what it does)

Measurement call-outs on screen

Planned for a future release.

Ability to move or manipulate multiple nodes

Coming in the next release (I’m writing up the release notes now - it’s very close)

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Thanks for the fast reply a repeat value would be greatly appreciated

Can your demo be loaded on two machines? I design and play on my desktop then control Laser with my laptop?

Here is a link to what a tangent is, basically its a point on a circle intercepted by a straight line and forms a smooth transition.

Thanks again

The trial version is associated with a machine, so if you have two computers, just install the trial on the second one and you’ll have the full 30 days there too.

@RalphU great visual explanation


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