More Tool Layers? Design Layers?

@LightBurn I was designing a file with about 15 total layers that all corresponded to each other and ran into a designing problem. Of the 15 or so layers I was only going to cut 6 of them. My material wasn’t big enough to cover the whole bed so I split the design into 2 “sides”. Then I could put 2 pieces of material in the machine. 2 layers on the left side of the machine and 4 layers on the right. Disable right side. Frame to see if the design is inside the material on the left. Then disable left side, enable right side and frame to see if that side is inside the material on the right.

I did not want to change the position of my design for cutting/engraving as layers behind it were all lined up. So if I needed to change something then it wouldn’t mess up the rest of the design.

Hope this makes sense.

The issue I was running into was when a layer output was toggled off it became hard to see the design. Output on off on off. Show on off on off. etc.

Is there a simple way to designate a layer as a “tool” or a “design” layer that no matter what it will not output to the laser and the layer can be seen more clearly?

Maybe add a “design” toggle and when enable it auto disables “output” toggle but doesn’t fade the layer.

Have you used ‘Cut Selected Graphics’ and ‘Use Selection Origin’ before? That allows you to choose exactly what’s going to be sent to the machine, and sounds like it might be an easier way for you to do what you’re trying to do. We could add more tool layers easily enough, but to make a normal layer work like a tool layer would take a decent amount of rework.

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