More Weird imports dxf Files

I had this gnome made by same guy. When I import it top of the hat doesn’t fill. I have included the gnome import plus photo of my settings can someone please tell me if I am doing something wrong or have wrong settings.

There doesn’t seem to be a DXF attached. Would you mind trying again?

gnome.dxf (1.5 MB)

more issues. When I try to export the file to SVG or dxf it leaves the feet off. Any ideas

You need a new guy, because his understanding of what’s needed for laser cutting is … inadequate for the task.

Setting all the layers to Line mode shows many overlapping and interweaving vectors:

I’m not sure what the intent was, but you’re not going to get anything useful out of that without entirely too much manual cleanup.

I get something very different when I import your DXF into LB or open it in various other applications. See what I’m getting below. I don’t know what your layer settings are but I’ve assumed the outer contour is a cut, so I set this to line.and the others to fill. Note that some curves are ‘flipped’. Although this isn’t the issue you’re reporting it has come up a couple of time recently when going between Mac & PC (I’m on Win 10 and note you’re on Mac)




CorelDraw 2018:

Affinity Designer:

I know this isn’t much help but I thought I’d post what I found.

I think that DXF is exported from LightBurn rather than the original DXF provided by the vendor.

the original file was made in SheetCam and exported as dxf

you guys are truly awesome at what you do

That was my suspicion considering the flipped curves.

so you guys feel like it due to being created in SheetCam? I have another version he thinks is working but I cant get the Fill to activate. Can you help?

Heres the new file
I’m using mac xtool lightburn. Any idea what could be causing the big thick stroke? I’ve ask the creator and got nothing.
This file needs to engrave then cut out


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