Motherboard no longer accepts Windows laptop or MacBook


For two years I have been running my Ortur Laser Master 2 with Lightburn on a old Windows laptop, having OS Windows 7. Recently my OLM2 no longer wanted to connect to this laptop.

A few things:
This laptop was and is always disconnect from internet.
No updates done to either the OS nor Lightburn. In order words: stable setup of both machine and computer with same software. No changes at all to this setup combination.

For resolution I have tried:
Connecting multiple other computers running either on Windows or MacOS. It is only my iMac that recognizes the OLM2, as I had it once connected. But another MacBook and other Windows machines do no longer recognize any incoming connection when I plug-in the USB of the machine.

This forum tread exactly describes the issues I have: Cannot get laser to keep going - #50 by Thelaserjacks

@OrturTech could you please help me out on this matter?
Thanks in advance!

This seems to be more a motherboard issue than anything else
Question is - either windows or mac
When you plug usb cable do you get any feedback from computer
On windows, device manager detects any hardware?

Does machine home?

When I plug the USB cable - there is no feedback on either a Windows or Mac. It is like if nothing is plugged into the port; the computers cannot detect any hardware. To be sure: I tested this with various cables + I tested with other USB devices the ports of the computers: it is not a cable issue or a port issue.
The ‘funny’ thing is only my iMac as exception; it directly recognized the hardware when I plug the USB cable into the port and the laser machine is homing.

Any chance @OrturTech you could help me out?

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