Motor enable not stable

since in GRBL configuration the motors were disabled after each manual move,
I set “Step idle delay” $1 to 255. This works fine.
However after writing it into the board and verifying the value by re-reading it in the current session the value is shown as “25” instead of “255” after restart the program (Lightburn).
It is the same behaviour using LaserGRBL. Seems to be an fault in the firmware of the Eleksmaker.

To work around you probably could set a starting script or starting makro every time the Lightburn is started. Is this possible in Lightburn?

Yep. With a gcode machine set up in LB, you can check out the console tab, and it’ll have some Macro buttons in there. You can right click the button to set the macro, then left click it after you set it to run it.

If you don’t see the console window, you can go to the Window menu, and click Console.

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