Mounting with open or closed lid?

It seems like most people mount cameras with the intention of using them when the lid is open and the laser is not operational (unless you don’t have a lid-open sensor). Is there a reason not to mount them with the intention of being used while the lid is closed? With that said, I don’t know how you could perform calibration unless the lid is open.

I don’t know about other machines, but for the Boss 1420 I have, the only way to have the camera see the entire bed is to get the camera high enough. With the lid closed the camera is just too close to the bed. But with the lid open it is high enough for me to use a 60 degree lens that gives excellent resolution all the way to the edge of the bed.

I have a Thunderlaser Nova24 with a 600x400mm bed. With the lid open and Z at the top, I’m about 26” to where I would mount the camera. With Z all the way down, it’s 33.5”.

Any suggestions on the right camera lens for this setup?

Take your measurement with the bed at the focus height you most commonly use. Even if you are engraving material that is five inches thick, the top of the material will be in focus to the laser and that’s the level you want in focus for the camera. The test panel used to calibrate the camera should be at focus for the laser, to ensure you are getting the best results.

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Hobbyist here. Since this is asking about mounting the camera, I would like suggestion for my K40 machine. Posting pics

The camera needs to be calibrated to the top of whatever material you’re cutting when it’s at the focus point of the lens, so measuring from the fully lowered Z bed to the lid isn’t useful.

It’s possible to use a wide angle lens that can see the whole cutting area when the lid is closed, but it produces quite a bit of distortion at the edges of the image, and reduces the accuracy of the result as you go further from the center of the image.

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