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Hi all. Is there a way to change the default behaviour of the ‘Distance’ setting on the ‘Move’ tab? By default, the mouse wheel increments the number by 10 and if I hold the shift key down then the mouse wheel increments by 100.
I have my computer on the opposite side of the room than the laser but with a wireless mouse I can operate LightBurn from there to move the laser and having the ability to jump from large movements to 1 or 2mm on each click of the direction buttons would be great. I have no control of the laser while it is connected to the computer (CNC 3018 + laser).

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And what happens if you do the same holding the CTRL key?

You can press Shift, Ctrl, Shift+Ctrl, or Alt to alter the distance traveled when you click the jog buttons.

Ah, I got it wrong. Shift key changes the value by 10, CTRL changes by 100 and just the mouse wheel by itself changes by 10.

I must be blind. Just went to try this out and noticed that when the courser sits above the x and y buttons, the CTRL and Shift key functions are displayed as you mention but not the Shift+CTRL or ALT.
So setting the distance value to 10mm will work for me knowing that I can make larger jumps or 1mm movements with CTRL+Shift.
What would be really cool is if the positions were updated after a move so you don’t have to press the ‘Get Position’ button.
Many thanks for the replies.
Time for some more fun…

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