Move Laser to Position Only Absolute Coordinates

I am trying to use the ‘Move Laser to Position’ button to identify spots in my cut where I can place some magnets to keep the center of the plywood flat.

I would like to click on a spot in the art where there will be no cuts and have the laser head move there.

If I am using absolute coordinates, it works fine. But if I am using the ‘user origin’ to position the origin someplace more convenient then there is no alignment between where I click the art and where the laser goes. It sends the laser to the position assuming the art is laid out relative to the absolute origin rather than the user origin I selected. But when I cut, it cuts correctly using the user origin.

There is there a way to toggle which coordinate system the position laser button is using?

I am still having issues with this.

Can anyone at least confirm that they also can’t position the laser with the “position laser” button using the user origin? I would like to know if this is something that is broken on my end or just the way the software is written.

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